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MongoDB Features

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced features MongoDB Enterprise Server and a finely-tuned package of advanced software, support, certifications, and other services. More than one-third of the Fortune 100 rely on MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to help run their mission critical applications. NextIT has got more than 200+ man years of experience in BeSpoke Development of Hybrid MobileAPP with all native capabilities. NextiT had ready built components with our expertise resulted out of several products we had built with advanced and innovative technical intelligence.

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  • We use Xcode and Android SDK to develop robust mobile apps with MongoDB.

  • iPhone and Android mobile app development, backed with MongoDB and PaaS.
  • Personalization to build a mobile app with seamless customer experience.

  • Easily manages the ever changing and expanding database of today’s large enterprise.


▩ Tweak the data and change the database when required. Its horizontal scaling model makes it flexible and cost-effective for organizations. ▩ Perfect for large amounts of data, content management and delivery, mobile infrastructure, data hubs and cloud computing

MongoDB Strategy

Database performance and responsiveness, including index use, query structure, data models, and application design are affected by several factors including operational factors; particularly architecture and system configuration. To correct these issues, we have created the Real-Time Reporting system that is being used with increasing popularity by retailers throughout the world.

Manage MongoDB Production

Deployment of a MongoDB based solution needs to be managed and synchronized to multiple activities among development servers, staging servers and production servers. This is an immense task that requires a deep and thorough understanding of MongoDB expertise. The consultants at Space-O have the experience necessary for dealing with these challenges and can easily resolve any issues before they become problems.

MongoDB Implementation

Having expertise in MongoDB based solutions, our consultants enable you to implement MongoDB solutions. Implementation services from new application development, migrating from SQL databases to MongoDB, and more are readily available to you when working with Space-O.

MongoDB Data Migration

When it comes to volume, variety, and velocity data generated often becomes a challenge for many businesses. As large amounts of data are generated, the increased volume can adversely affect your system’s performance—leading to lopsided data. The solution we feel works best for all data migration is through Pelica Migration Services. Using Pelica, we help businesses migrate data from RDBMs like SQL server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle and PostgreSQL to a NoSQL platform with MongoDB. Not only is it easy to use, but it eliminates the risk of migration complexities and eliminates operational inefficiencies linked with multiple, redundant IT systems.

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