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Horizon – Rethink

NextIT has got more than 200+ man years of experience in BeSpoke Development of Hybrid MobileAPP with all native capabilities. NextiT had ready built components with our expertise resulted out of several products we had built with advanced and innovative technical intelligence. Horizon and RethinkDB while also showing you how to build a simple app with Horizon and React. This will give you a simple and scalable architecture for building your own much more complex apps.

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  • A backend server built with Node.js and RethinkDB that supports data persistence, realtime streams, input validation, user authentication, and permissions
  • A JavaScript client library that developers can use on the front-end to store JSON documents in the database, perform queries, and subscribe to live updates
  • A command-line tool that can generate project templates, start up a local Horizon development server, and help you deploy your Horizon application to the cloud
  • RethinkDB is the open source database for the realtime web

Easy to integrate

The Horizon is an open source Backend as a Service (BaaS) that allows developers to easily build data-driven web and mobile applications. Horizon, which is built on RethinkDB and by the RethinkDB team, facilitates common application development tasks like backend setup, real-time data transfer, security and scalability. Horizon can be run locally, on a private server or in the cloud.

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