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SelfieAccount App Features


SelfieAccount is an innovative Hybrid MobileAPP available on IOS, Android and Windows platforms for seamless onboarding of Customers of the Company. With SelfieAccount you can say BYE to your traditional forms and your customers can just download the APP from Play Store or APP Store and fill the details in their local language.

The Auto Language convertor of the SelfieAccount converts the data into English for the Processing Unit to validate the data and proceed to account opening. The customer can also upload the KYC documents either through camera capture or from the local files. Authentication of client data with National ID like Aadhar, Emirates ID etc. are possible with SelfieAccount.

Customer data can be captured in multiple sections like General Details, Family Details etc. with option for uploading various KYC documents based on product subscription can be configured.

Push Notifications coupled with SMS and Email notifications help updating the stakeholders, including the customer on the latest status or any issues to be resolved.

Sales Relationship Manager for that customer will also have the record available on his mobile for assisted onboarding of the customer. Any notification to the customer will also be available to the Relationship Manager for quick follow-up and complete the activity. In Person Verification (IPV) can be scheduled with the Branch location or at customer place through the designated staff of the company. Post IPV, account will be created.

The advantage of the Selfie Account is you can configure / dynamically design the input to be captured for customer onboarding and can be instantly deployed for any type of business.


  • MEAN Stack
  • Angular.JS
  • Node.JS
HTML 5.0
  • HTML 5.0
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • IONIC Framework 2.0
  • MYSQL / MS SQL / Firebase


Available on Android, IOS, Windows

Supports any Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, etc.

Responsive for large screens

Push Notifications

162+ Language Support

Offline capabilities

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