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Mobile devices along with affordable Internet cost changed the dimensions of Communication Channel Completely .

People are more accustomed to Messaging services like WhatsApp, IMO etc. that offers convenient, easy, Fast and track the status instantly. These platforms get the response almost instantly 24 x 7x 365 and breaks the barrier of geography and time zones. However, Security of the data shared is a utmost concern for the corporate. Sensitive information cannot be exchanged.

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Every Subscriber must be approved by the authorized personnel of the corporate for them to be active on LinkUs. You can control the Employees on LinkUs.

Have Secured & private conversations with your Employees, Vendors, Partners, customers and other entities as per your requirement securely.

Well established Admin Centre for analyzing the users, Groups etc. and take measures on controlling issues.


  • Create as many groups as you want
  • Share text, images, files, locations, voice MSG etc.
  • Supports any scanner with image management options
  • Customize LinkUs for any notification / escalations from any of your applications
  • Web Edition for easy managing of conversations
  • OTP for Secured Login | Customizable Emojis
  • Encrypted data across conversations
  • Data stored on your Data Center or Controlled Private Cloud owned by you
  • Click and share images, monitor and track the milestones, Huddles MOM etc
  • Deactivate any users / remove users from groups. On removal data is wiped out from the devices
  • Send Self Destructive Messages – which will be automatically removed
  • Post reading. No Trace of the message to the users
  • Multi Lingual – Supports to 162+ Languages
  • Push Notifications on Alerts / Reminders / Escalations on LinkUs from your internal applications
  • Track Delivery and Read Status

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